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For over 9 years we have been striving to provide quality phonecard products making affordable long-distance international and domestic calls a reality.

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity towards customers and retail partners alike. Unlike the majority of phonecard providers we offer full transparency of all charges. With The Aussie Phonecard it's "What You See Is What You Get"; Cheap Rates, No Tricks!

November 2011
Access Phonecards is acquired by Primus Telecom and moves to Brisbane. Primus Telecom brings with it almost 20 years of telecommunications experience, along with it superior voice and telephone network and its great customer service.

Access Phonecards customer support is changed to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure our customers continue to receive theg reat customers service they've come to expect in the past.

Access Phonecards, under the guidance of Primus Telecom now sets it's sights on growing its market share and continuing to provide customers with a "What You See Is What You Get"; Cheap Rates, No Tricks calling card!

December 2009
As we near the end of another year it is important to thank those people who mean so much to us, our customers and retail partners. This year has certainly been a little different to those past with some unexpected challenges from within, however we are very pleased to say at the end of the day the company has grown into a very solid one and is now firmly placed in our market as a real and serious alternative to our competitors products. When we set out on this journey some years ago we knew the challenge was going to be a difficult one, after all there were two large organisations dominating the market with over 60 phone card brands each, leading to mass confusion for both consumers and retailers on which phone card provided the best outcome.

December 2009
The Company moves into to its new headquarters at Robina on the Gold Coast, the new office is a breath of fresh air and proves that if you work hard enough, as each one of our team has done over the last 3-4 years, then the rewards will come your way.

November 2009
Another young member of our team Andrew Stewart decides to follow Jake's lead and head overseas for a 3 month stint travelling throughout Mexico and the USA before returning in March 2010 to Access & to complete the last 6 months of his Marketing Degree.

October 2009
After 3 years with the Company Jake Gibbs decides to head overseas for a break after completing his University degree in Marketing, Jake started with Access as a fresh faced kid as our Marketing Assistant, throughout his time with company Jake has always shown that he is a dedicated and passionate member of the team and we owe a lot of our recent success to the work he put in over that time. We will miss Jake however we are also confident that when he returns to Australia sometime in 2010 he will return the fold. His replacement Jeremy Vincent was in fact recruited by Jake himself and spent the first month working closely with Jake to ensure the relationship with our retail partners is in good hands.

August 2009
The Company carries out the final stage of its re-structure and welcomes a few new faces to the team including our new IT & Networking Manager Joshua Croft who will oversee the phase of our growth from an IT & Systems point of view.

April 2009
After 3 years of steady and strong growth the Company looks to its network and operating systems to ensure we are ready for the next phase of the companies development, this will see us invest in new upgraded equipment to allow for diversification into 2010 with new divisions to be brought online.

March 2009
The organisation celebrates another milestone achieving 7 successful years since the company was formed by Steve & Michelle on the 24th of March 2002.

November 2008
Access Phonecards signs a partnership agreement with Base Backpacker Hostels & Backpacker World Travel outlets across Australia.

September 2008
Access Phonecards signs on as a preferred supplier with national newsagency group NewsXpress.

August 2008
The company celebrates a milestone with 1,000 retail stores across Australia now selling The Aussie Phonecard plastic physical cards via our unique PAY AS YOU GO billing system.

July 2008
The Company launches its new brand "The Early Bird Phonecard" as a challenger to the market leading cards, with their cheap looking rates but with excessive hidden charges.

April 2008
The Company enjoys record growth of over 400% since moving into the new offices only a year ago, more staff join as demand continues to exceed our expectations.

Dec 2007
The Company changes it's name to Access International Group to fit in with it's future growth plans. Access Phonecards launches it's plastic physical cards back onto the market and developes a revolutionary Pay As You Go billing method for its retail partners including ex Dial Time/Bill Express outlets.

November 2007
The Aussie Phonecard is launched onto the expanding e-pay terminal network meaning The Aussie Phonecard is now available at a further 4,000 retail outlets including 7-Eleven and many more convenieince stores across Australia.

October 2007
The Company invests in a new switch platform to cope with the expansion and growth of The Aussie Phonecard.

October 2007
The Aussie Phonecard is removed from sale on the Dial Time/Bill Express network meaning Card Call/Go Talk and a few Optus cards now have a monopoly and consumers can no longer choose the best card for them including Aussie inside 10,000 retail outlets.

September 2007
Dial Time/Bill Express announce they have done a deal with one phonecard provider (Card Call/Go Talk) to have all competing phonecards removed from its terminals including Aussie.

June 2007
The competitors must be worried as one takes legal action to try and stop us from getting too big for our boots. This proves unsuccessful and we continue with impressive levels of growth.

April 2007
The Aussie Phonecard re-branding is completed and the company re-launches The Aussie Phonecard as Australia's only What You See Is What You Get Phonecard to over 5,000 retail outlets Australia wide supported by a national advertising campaign.

April 2007
The company expands and moves into to it's current offices at Chevron Island QLD employing a new team of people to help continue to build the business, including Aaron Rodrigue (Technology Manager) and Jake Gibbs as a Marketing Assistant to Steve.

March 2006
The Company begins to re-gain market share with The Aussie Phonecard after 3 years of poor performance by the previous licence holders with the introduction of it's second retail network partner Touch Systems making the product available via Bank Eftpos machines as a voucher.

June 2005
Steve & Michelle regain control of The Aussie Phonecard from On Q/Bill Express Limited and commence re-building the brand awareness.

April 2003
Steve signs a marketing license agreement with The On Q Group Melbourne to launch Aussie via the Dial Time terminals located inside 3000 retail outlets across Australia.

March 2002
Company is founded by Steve Mclean and life partner Michelle Partridge launching The Aussie Phonecard brand onto the Australian market with a small team operating out of their house for the first 12 months.