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Rates shown in $AUD per minute from local access numbers; Rates correct at 01/07/2016, subject to change without prior notice. All rates shown GST inclusive; *Calls to satellite mobiles are not permitted.

Calls originating from mobile phones may be charged by the mobile phone carrier. Calls are charged in one or five minute blocks depending on the card. Calls are permitted for follow on calls, wait until the dialled party hangs up and continue next call or press ** (star key twice) to return to the main menu and enter the number you wish to call.

Final call charges are rounded up to the nearest 5 cents. Toll Free access calls incur per minute surcharge; 1300 659 881 or 1300 783 510 @ 7 cents & 1800 285 310 or 1800 148 685 @ 15 cents.
Credit expires 3 months (90 days) from first use.
Card Account expires 6 months after first use or last recharge.

Customer Support Centre call:
1800 284 510 or 1800 228 363.

The Aussie Phonecard is a registered trademark & is owned and operated by Access International Group Pty Ltd. ABN 15 108 221 049. P.O Box 5096 Q Centre Mermaid Waters QLD 4218.