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How to use your Access Phonecard

Step 1
Dial the local access or Australia-wide number from your area (see local access numbers).
List of Access numbers for The Aussie Phonecard
List of Access numbers for The Early Bird Phonecard

Step 2
Enter the pin number of your phonecard.
(located on the rear of our plastic cards under the silver scratch panel)

Step 3
To make an International call dial 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Local Number
Click here to find your country code.

Dialing within Australia:
For local calls within the same state include the area code followed by the local number.

NSW & ACT Dial 02 + Local Number
VIC & TAS Dial 03 + Local Number
QLD Dial 07 + Local Number
SA, NT & WA Dial 08 + Local Number

Calls to mobiles within Australia:
Dial the full mobile number after you have entered your pin number.

Follow on calls
For follow on calls, wait until the dialled party hangs up the call and you will be returned to the menu,
alternatively you can press the star key (*) twice to return to the main menu at any time.

Customer Care:
To transfer to customer care press the star key (*) twice after you have entered your pin number and press 4 or dial 1800 284 510